Tuesday, 30 March 2010

sketchbook stuff

a work in progress of one of my favourite characters from the Sopranos. it also still needs alot of work really and has gone from a quick sketch into a more worked on piece. figured i needed to upload something to keep myself in the habit though and spring break has been a lazy affair thus far.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

self portrait sb

another sketchbook entry, this time a self portrait piece.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

sketch booking

Trying to get back into the old photoshop and digital waork, thought id do a quick 10 min digi sketch. no reference, 1 brush and only 2 colours in my pallet (plus the white of the background i guess). been over a year since i've done any sort of digital sketching and frankly i need more practice as is but i guess thats the point of this blog, do work and record my process.

Monday, 8 March 2010

HG Wells book project.

so these are what i cracked out, recons they arent bad working prototypes but i would like a bit more time to mess around with them to get them looking a bit more... solid.

yet more mess.

only bothering to upload this so i can keep an account of just how much of a (creatively :/) messy guy i am... kinda makes me want to paint again.

mr p says fuck the man!

The third and last instalment of this HG Wells book project. painting is super happy fun times, though painting the fire made me feel super dizzy, yet another one i would love to add a little more to but alas, oil takes its sweet time drying, so its gonna have to do.

mr lewisham is a bit of a whore w.i.p

some more painterly goodness, i fucking suck at hair. probs because i lose interest, tis the same with any medium i use. will have to practice it a lil more thinks i. bottom image is the one im going to use for my second HG Wells piece.

Tony B progress

so im really enjoying the old oil painting and learning a fucking load with every mark, gotta be a good thing i think so im gonna keep on pushing and keep on practicing. oh and this is the progress wip of my first cover image for the HG Wells project, im sticking with the top image as i dont have the time to wait for that layer of paint to dry some before reworking bits and there is only so much wet on wet i can do with out it turningto sludge.


thar be some messy work space.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

steam punk munny

so this is my first custom toy/munny. it is a mash up of a steam punk asthetic, with predator characteristics and although it's a little hap handed, I've leared alot from this first go.