Tuesday, 25 January 2011

An Important Self Reminder.

A piece of work came to my attention a few days ago, that really captures the essence of a recent epiphany, this piece by Onesidezeront . The message itself is a rather serious one, in that as a creative mind we should use our own voice and celebrate our own voice rather than copy other or berate ourselves for not being like others. That individuality within creativity is the core component to effective communication, well that's my perspective anywho!

What really pushes this image for me, is its self indulgence, it feels clear to me that despite the message its portraying being one of an honest and serious nature, the illustrator has infused his personality and playfulness into it whilst still keeping the type clean, bringing about the impression that its something the illustrator takes as a sort of personal mantra and like my self has had to repeat more than a few times.

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